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Winter Sale! Save the tax on every canine training package. Our paw-some incentive saves you 15% off any of our famous training programs!

*Not applicable to one off lessons, maintenance sessions, virtual sessions or crash corses


AngelKerr's Basic Fundamentals Crash Corse

Discover the essentials of canine behaviour with our Basic Fundamentals Crash Course, featuring 3 personalized training sessions. Your journey begins with a 90-min class followed by 2 one hour sessions, collectively providing 3.5 hours of expert guidance from our Certified CPDT-KA canine trainer. Our focus is tailored to address specific challenges in your dog's behaviour. Invest in your dogs well-being.




We believe that every dog deserves the best training regardless of their owner's budget, which is why we're excited to introduce our new budget-friendly 'Crash Courses'. Our training packages combine effective methods with affordability, making it easier than ever to transform your furry friend into the well-behaved pet you've always known they could be. Don't let cost hold you back from achieving your dog training goals - check out our options today!

AngelKerr's Puppy Crash Course

This program offers 2 personalized 90Min customized training classes. Total 3 hours of training with our certified CPDT-KA Canine trainer. we will primarily be focusing on the behaviours you are being challenged with, These sessions are offered either at our AngelKerr training facility or the comfort of your own home.



Embark on a transformative journey with our latest innovation-virtual dog training sessions designed for those leading a busy life yet eager to train their dogs at home. Our bespoke virtual training packages feature a meticulously crafted PDF treatment plan, ensuring your path to success is well charted. Whether you're grappling with puppy problems or obedience challenges, entrust us to provide the training your furry friend deserves. Conducted conveniently via Regular phone call, Zoom, FaceTime, or WhatsApp our AngelKerr CPDT-KA certified trainers offer a seamless training experience. Benefit from lifetime support and crystal-clear instructions, tailored to ensure success in achieving your unique goals.

General Virtual Assessment

+ Treatment Plan

Our expedited package is tailored for individuals seeking an immediate course of action. Whether you're anticipating a new puppy and require preparatory guidance, addressing puppy problems, reactivity issues, anxiety, crate training challenges, or any other concerns, our certified canine expert is adept at devising solutions. Upon enrolment, you will receive a comprehensive one hour virtual session, coupled with a meticulously crafted and personalized treatment plan delivered promptly via e-mail. Tackle your dog's unique challenges head-on with our efficient and effective approach, Call or e-mail us to see if this is the best option and to book your session.


Puppy Basics 

Unlock the key to a well mannered and happy puppy with our AngelKerr dog training puppy basics virtual package. This comprehensive program comprises 2 one hour virtual sessions, personally guided by our seasoned canine experts. Your puppies, success is our priority, and our detailed training plan is tailored to address specific needs. Dive into essential topics such as crate training, potty training, excessive barking, separation anxiety, jumping, nipping and more. Each session equips you with invaluable insight, homework assignments, and detailed notes, ensuring you have a roadmap for success in fostering a well-behaved and joyful, canine companion, call or e-mail us today to book.


Reactivity Virtual Sessions

Elevate your dog's behaviour with our AngelKerr dog training reactivity virtual package. This specialized program offers 3 one hour virtual sessions guided by our expert canine trainers. Dive into a tailored training plan that includes homework assignments and detailed notes, focussing on crucial aspects like loose leash walking, proper tool application, maintaining engagement in stressful situations, and a comprehensive counter-conditioning process. Unleash the full potential of your canine companion by addressing reactivity issues with precision and care all from the comfort of your own home. Our program is designed to equip both you and your dog with the tools for success in fostering positive behaviour changes, Call or e-mail us today to book your first training session.


Regular Training Packages

Package 1-Puppy Basics


Duration 4 weeks 

(1 hr per visit), Cost $630+Tax

We cater to the needs of people with busy lifestyles and conveniently come to you! In-home training allows us to work with your dog in a comfortable and familiar enviroment setting your pup up to succeed, using positive reinforcement based training methods we help you to build a healthy and cooperative relationship with your furry friend for a lifetime of enjoyment. Geared towards puppies in their General socialization period (7-16weeks) up to puppies 12 months old, all breeds welcome.


-Crate training, house breaking tips

-Environmental evaluation

-The name game (name recognition)

-"No reward marker"

-"No free lunch policy"

-Nutritional tips and evaluation of diet

-Breed characteristics and evaluation of breed specific needs

-Luring exercises and relationship building

-Focus cue

-Nipping, Barking, Jumping problems

-Intro to clicker training(optional) 

-Intro to sit

-intro to stay

-intro to down

And much more.....

Within this 4 week package we will also address any behavioural issues that are present, our ability to customize packages is what really helps us stand out from the competition.


Package 2-The Basic Fun-Damentals 


Duration 6 weeks

(1 hr per visit), Cost $860+Tax

For dogs that have a good base knowledge of basic commands and want to further their education by challenging them in more distracting environments such as walking down the street, a local dog park or in a pet store, we put your pup thru a series of tests to fine tune compliance and impulse control all while experiencing real life scenarios. 

Geared towards dogs of any age, any breed.


-The four "it's" of training

-Environmental evaluation (of home and surrounding areas)

-Nutritional education and advice

-Continue the "No free lunch policy" 

-Clicker Training (optional)

-Includes custom designed treatment plan outlining a specific problem behaviour or behaviours you may be experiencing.

-Pack leadership  


-Focus retention

-Go bed or Go mat

-Leave it, Drop it

-Walking on leash(loose leash walking)  

-Sit,stay (with some distance)

-Down,stay (with some distance)

-Release cue  


-Creating rules that stick

And much more...

Package 3-Advanced Fun-Damentals


Duration 6 weeks.

(1 hr per visit), Cost $860+Tax

In this package we go out and about, to places that are not usually frequented by your pup, this helps us challenge your dog in different locations while requesting well known cues setting them up to succeed. Geared towards dogs of all breeds and ages that have an excellent understanding of cues or that have previously taken our other in-home training packages.


-Nutritional tips and diet evaluation

-Reviewing cues (sit stay,down stay, stand stay, recall, heel, testing for distance and high level distraction)

-Understanding what drives your dog and how they communicate

-Intro to off leash

-Distance, duration and distraction tests in various locations

-Long distance recall and impulse control

-Moving focus in distracting locations

-Calming signals and what they mean

-Impulse and calmness in high traffic areas

And much more...


*Price changes as of May 1, 2023






Ask about our Canine Good Neighbour test training package meant to get your advanced obedience dog ready for the C.G.N test, first step to becoming a therapy dog. This 6 week package takes you thru all 12 tests necessary to pass the C.G.N test as we explore 2 tests per week, we will also take the liberty of scheduling the test for you and provide a space for the test to be administered if needed. Requirements are strong knowledge of our advanced cues and no reactivity to either dogs or people.

Cost for a 6week Package $860+Tax


Our intensive training packages are available for extreme cases and highly reactive or aggressive dogs,

this package ranges from weeks to months depending of the intensity of the behavioral issue, using counter conditioning and desensitization exercises we break down the behavioural threshold and desensitize your dog to the triggers using real life situations, each package is individually customized based on the intensity of training required. Some of the issues that we have been able to help our clients with have been...


                                                     -Dog reactivity           -People reactivity                                                   Fear aggression         -Leash reactivity

    -Seperation anxiety    -Excessive barking


           And much more.....    

                     Please call or E-Mail us for a free consultation and quote for this package

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