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Does your pup have energy to spare? Does he or she get into trouble around the house? Chewing, jumping on people/ furniture? does he or she pull you like crazy? or are they fearful due to low confidence? our Adventure Group walks can help!  


Our group adventure walks are a great alternative to the same old doggie day care setting, or even if your dog goes to a daycare this Adventure Walk will give your pup a unique experience. 

Your dog will enjoy an outing to one of many parks or trails that we visit, your pup will enjoy a safe and friendly setting because we test and evaluate each dog we incorporate into our group with 3 trial walks before being placed in a vehicle with the other dogs ensuring compatibility and approaching group walks in a safe and responsible manner. Our certified dog trainer Angel and his wife Kerry are the ones walking them so every safety precaution is taken.

We also choose not to let them interact with any other dog that is not in the group ensuring that your dog will always be safe and not stressed in any situation. Please call or E-mail us for availability, rates and areas serviced.

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