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Board and Train Services

Hi there Kerry and Angel here and we specialize in training puppies, adolescents and adult canines throughout our Board and train program. We’ve worked diligently in designing our inclusive, educational, obedience training Package. Our Program is customizable, meaning for every dog that’s registered with us will be assigned a precise, educational treatment plan tailored to target every negative behavioural habit you’re being challenged with. 


Our assigned treatment plans are unique, detailed oriented and will reveal behavioural positive reinforcement based solutions. 

Your Personalized Treatment Plan Will Include

➖A weekly routine schedule:

We will maintain what’s been effective and  modify what’s not…

We establish and target your Goals!

➖You will receive 2 updates per day. A morning and evening summary. 

➖You’ll receive 2 videos via text. 

🐶A mental enrichment video

🐶A Training video of the most recent commands practiced so you can track your dog’s progress. I send a variety photos and observation updates daily.

➖A command video series featuring your shining star! You will receive a USB memory stick. 

This reference tool will immensely demonstrate step by step instructions, ensuring you can replicate every verbal cue and hand signals accurately. 

➖Your Canine will be integrated safely into our exuberant social group walks. We host tangible, enriching, fun walks from Monday to Friday. The purpose is for confidence building Desensitization, socialization, exposure, teaching proper loose leash walking and so much more.

➖ We make recommendations for canine’s diet, nutrition, and supplements.

➖Training Tools, leashes, collars and harnesses. We’ve tested out a wide variety of walking aids so we can share our expertise. 

➖Mental enrichment puzzles, snuffle mats, licky mats, Hide and seek toys, flirt poles, etc. 

The commands that will be covered In the board and train curriculum. 

The Puppy Board and Train Package

(For Puppies up to 10 Months old)

* The Puppy Board and train package is tailored specifically for puppies and families experiencing the initial growing pains of a new puppy. 

We focus highly on potty training, Crate training and socialization (not just with dogs but with many people and all types of environments).

 The minimum time requirement for boarding is 1 week in duration.

Some of the commands that your dog will learn include...




➖Puppy push-ups which is a series of the sits and downs.



➖Recall (come)

➖The proper greeting method 

For when you’re arriving home, or you’re expecting guests over. 

➖Sit & wait before meals, entering exiting the crate and additional doorways. 

This is extremely effective for improving impulse control behavioural issues. 

The Basic Fundamentals Board and Train Package 
(For Dogs Over 1 Year old or for dogs of any age With Major behaviour issues) 

*The Basic Fundamentals Board and Train is perfect for dogs that have major behavioural or reactivity issues to people, dogs, kids or any other major trigger.


This is also a recommended package for any dog with resource guarding, severe separation anxiety or aggressive tendencies.


In this package besides building new cues we will focus on desensitization and counter conditioning any trigger your dog may have.

We recommend a 2 week minimum stay requirement and depending on the issues possibly more.

The first week of the package will consist of reviewing and refining some basic exercises such as but not limited to...



➖Puppy push-ups 



➖Recall (come)

➖The proper greeting method 

➖Sit & wait before meals, entering exiting the crate and additional doorways. 


The second week of the package will cover some more advanced cues such as but not limited to...

➖Go Bed, (stay ➕wait in bed)

➖Intro to heel


➖moving focus 

➖proper loose leash walking 

➖Auto sits

➖Drop it

In addition to all these cues we will first and foremost be concentrating on the main problems and concerns making sure that we present you with a clear and precise treatment plan.

$1,400+Tax per week
* ask about our convenient payment plan
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