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Angel Gonzalez CPDT-KA
Lead behaviour consultant / Owner/ Dog Walker

Angel and puppy
Angel with Atlas
Training your pet is not about tough love or who is top dog. As a fully certified Dog Trainer based in the GTA, I’ve been training canines since 2014. Over the years I have developed a method of training canines that is not about force or using the leash, but is fun for all, and thoroughly modern, innovative and science based. So put that dog whistle down, and give me a call today.
Angel's love of dogs developed from early childhood .He received his first Shepard mix breed when he was eight years old .He was born in Mexico City and arrived in Canada in 1985. 

The combination of his Dog experience from childhood through adulthood has flourished his passion for canines.

Angel owned a stunning Great Pyrenees, who was a beautiful and wise canine named Isis. She had quite a few behavioural issues including leash reactivity and resource guarding amongst other things. she ended up attacking someone and Angel had to give her up.


Being faced with these behavioural issues sparked an ambition in Angel and motivated him to learn all he could about dog training so that he could help families not have to make the very tough decision that he had to make, he knew he couldn't help Isis, but he was determined to help others in need.

Angel with Isis
CCPDT certificate

Finally in September of 2014 , Angel ventured into his career path & in 2015 became certified thru Animal Behavioral College.
He has also since earned certifications specializing in separation anxiety, aggression and in 2021 earned his certification from CCPDT-KA (Certification council for professional dog trainers knowledge assessed)

In 2015 Angel left his career as a camera assistant after a decade of dedication, to establish & open his AngelKerr Dog Training and Pet services company with his wife Kerry. Now Angel and Kerry get to fulfill their passion by working with Dogs every day! Angel and Kerry have obtained their Pet's first Aid certification's and are bonded and insured.

ABC certificate
Family at pet show

Angel is always trying to expand his knowledge by pursuing continuing education courses and programs and earning as many certifications as he possibly can. He is avidly keeping up with related dog training literature. AngelKerr puts clients first and is well respected and recommended by Global Pet foods amongst others companies and veterinarians all over the GTA.

 Angel also worked at Global pets foods for 7 years where he specialized in customer service, knowledge of tools and pet nutrition. Angel's training techniques are mostly positive reinforcement based and strictly follow the CCPDT-KA standards. Training a dog is based on earning a reward, as opposed to avoiding a punishment. The more your dog is appropriately behaved by society standards. The more opportunities you & your dog will have. 

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If you are ready to start your dog training journey the right way then call or e-mail us today! 647-528-9442 or


Kerry Gonzalez

Pet sitter, Dog walker, administrator and owner.


Hi my name is Kerry Gonzalez,

Pets are my life! I have had this deep rooted passion for all pets for as long as I can remember. From adolescence to adulthood my admiration for all pets have evolved!


Kerry is the administrator, Pet sitter, dog walker, and business owner. She is an ambitious soul always continuing her education and broadening her pet knowledge. Kerry has obtained her Vet assistant certificate from Stratford Career Institute. Kerry has over 20 years of Pet sitting and pet wellness experience. 

Kerry has array of talents and creativity which is highly beneficial for our Marketing and social media platforms. Her nurturing spirit and intuition contributes to pampering all pets as if they were her own fur babies.

Kerry since a child has always been intrigued by the study of canine behaviour. Kerry has assisted Angel with completing Canine board and train programs. As the years passed by her desire for obtaining her Canine Trainer certification has grown immensely. She enjoys spreading her dog training knowledge to all our treasured clientele in revealing Canine training solutions. Kerry finds this career path very rewarding.

She is currently in her Canine training and aspires to be an CCPDT Certified Canine Trainer.


Kerry and Angel eagerly anticipate caring for all your furry friends in their inviting pet oasis!

Luna Gonzalez

Coach Dog and CGN Certified Canine 


This is little Luna, She is a 9 year old pure bread pug with a heart of gold! She earns her keep by helping us to do distraction work and her calm energy is great to help with dog on dog reactivity. Luna has been a part of our family since she was 8 weeks old and was Angel's first real dog training challenge, as a puppy she was tough to potty train and she was also a big time chewer, these experiences helped Angel develop his current puppy training program and board and train program.

Luna was C.G.N certified in the spring of 2019 and we couldn't be prouder.

We are ready to help you and your dog face any everyday challenge you might face, big or small we help with them all.


Leo Gonzalez

Welcoming Leo Gonzalez into the AngelKerr family has been nothing short of a delight! Leo, a stunning blue merle standard Australian Shepherd, brings not only his distinctive appearance but also an impressive level of intelligence to our team. Certified by the CKC, Leo has quickly become an integral part of our family since his birth on August 6, 2023. Currently, he's undergoing training with the goal of becoming our esteemed Angel Kerr coach dog-a role we believe he is destined to excel in.

This little guy is a bundle of energy and charm, and we consider ourselves incredibly lucky to have Leo enriching our lives with his vibrant personality. Follow us on Facebook Instagram, or TikTok to witness Leo's journey and stay updated on all our antics. Join us in celebrating the presence of Leo Gonzalez, a remarkable addition to the AngelKerr family!

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